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Не сделал химию - диссоциировал с урока.
For the last three years of his life the former Reich Youth leader was cared for by the sisters Ida and Käthe Müllen who owned a hotel and a vineyard in Kröv on the Mosel. Käthe tells the following story (transcribed from a taped conversation with Jochen Klicker):

'I know what happened. Baldur was a very nice and pleasant person. If we made cheap jokes in the bar Baldur would say 'Käthe!' Oh come on I would say, we're just having a laugh. You should join in. We cheered him up and he liked that.

The last time Dr Speer came to visit he said ‘he’s depressed’. He was depressed. He was still deeply attached to the youth. Whenever he was asked he would say ‘yes, the youth’… the youth of today is no better or worse than back then. They’re just not being raised properly’. And then he told me how he flew from Vienna to Berlin and pleaded with Hitler: ‘my Führer, do all you can to achieve peace. Please, do all you can. Yes, you can see the Greater German Reich on the map but America and Russia are world powers! My Führer, we’ll never win the war’. Apparently the Führer said ‘You and your american mother….’. Baldur was greatly affected by this. He also said ‘if I had still been the Reich Youth leader when the youth was being mustered for armed service I would not have allowed one single boy to go. It would only have happened over my dead body’.

Axmann said he would visit but he never came. Apparently he was at the funeral but there were many there and we didn’t know them all. Mr Kaufmann, his old adjutant, visited every four to six weeks. He’s now with the state press office. He was the one who contacted the press with the news of Baldur’s death. They called here and I confirmed the report. At 10 it was on the radio and spread from there around the world. We received letters from America and many from influential figures who thanked us for making his last three years comfortable.

- с тумблера.

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